Savour Ottawa Field House adds pizzazz to Parkdale Market

19 May

The Savour Ottawa Field House is an innovative new offering at the Parkdale Market, the “other” public market administered by the City of Ottawa (which is also responsible for the larger ByWard Market downtown).

Ten area farmers, all of whom are verified members of the Savour Ottawa initiative to promote local foods, have banded together to cooperatively sell their products four days a week from a small “store” at the Parkdale Market in the Wellington West neighbourhood just west of downtown.

From Thursday to Sunday, 8am to 5pm, the farmers will take turns staffing the 300-square-foot location (with additional outdoor space). The rest of the Parkdale Market operates 7 days a week, from dawn till dusk.

Products on offer so far include eggs, honey, maple products, apples, cheese, vegetables, beef, lamb, red deer and wild boar!

This is an exciting new initiative, and one that Savour Ottawa and the City of Ottawa are hoping could be a model for future developments both in Ottawa and potentially throughout the country.

The Field House was officially launched on Friday, May 13, when this video was created. Enjoy!

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