Ottawa in the news! What are they saying about us?

13 Jul

Recent media coverage of Ottawa has done a good job of showing off Ottawa’s attributes.

A July 11 travel article in the Washington Post described Ottawa as “Canada’s cool capital.” Journalist Michael Kaminer spent some time in Ottawa in April and was impressed! A quote: “In fact, if anything now characterizes the city, I’d say it’s an unselfconscious cool. There’s a proudly indie aesthetic in its neighborhoods… “

Or this: “And there’s a buzzing food scene that turned out to be the weekend’s big reveal. Larger cities get the glory, but Ottawa’s kitchens might be some of North America’s best-kept secrets. Locavore-fueled creativity here arguably rivals that of San Francisco or Chicago, albeit with less ego, zero attitude and gentler prices.”

Ottawa’s culinary scene also received great coverage at, where writer Barbara Angelakis waxed poetic about our offerings: “There are in fact so many high-quality dinning establishments located throughout Ottawa’s downtown and neighborhoods that, like her more famous foodie sister cities of Quebec and Montreal, she should also be considered “destination gastronomic” when planning a toothsome getaway.”

And overall look at the city formed the basis of another post, as did a visit to Holtz Spa.

And if you’ve been watching OMNI TV, you may have seen one of Lucy Zilio’s fun “Tuned In” spots. My favourite is the Yoga on Parliament Hill piece that shows a colourful group enjoying free yoga classes each Wednesday in front of Canada’s seat of government, thanks to Lululemon Athletica.

The piece on the Haunted Walks of Ottawa is pretty darn good, too! You can also watch a piece on the Rideau Canal, the ByWard Market neighbourhood and La Terrasse at the Fairmont Château Laurier.


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